Tron legacy review

I had been looking for a good movie to watch one Sunday, and I suddenly stumbled upon Tron. It has a brilliant storyline and plot line, but it does not introduce the characters properly and just throws them in.  One of my favourite characters was Castor because he had a kind of Guardians of the Galaxy vibe, and also I liked his machine gun cane and his personality. I think being stuck in a video game would be interesting.

Rating:9 1/2 out of 10


So, I like calculators. They are so clever. Is this boring? Yes. By the way, welcome to my blog. I’m redoing it, cuz legendary randomness wants me to. BTW plz check out his blog and soundcloud account. Also I recommend Riley’s backpack. Be sure to try and beat me in the angry birds transformers app contest! Good luck with it, because I’m almost unbeatable🙃

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So,anyway I haven’t posted for 11 MONTHS! This is going to change (hopefully). Today I was looking at my stats and I saw it.My brain:🤯.My blog:☠️.Also,keep following me plz everybody. I’ll post more,OK? I’m doing another one in 5 mins.

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Random spewing of thoughts #10: Everything from Stevie Nickis to Stephen King

awesomeness from awesomesauce

The culture club

Yay, We got to number 10!

Also I hope you like the featured image, I literally just searched up randomness on Google and I found that.

Nothing. I have done literally nothing this weekend. Well not really nothing… but you know what I mean. I’ve done homework, played ukelele metal, stared at the ceiling while listening to Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nickis from Fleetwood Mac and read some of The Dark Tower by Stephen King. I’m hoping to do more art posts and some more politics posts since we’ve got the U.K. General election in a couple of days. And of course, MUFFIN MONDAY! That should be fun. But my homework isn’t a complete waste of time, since my main homework is to write the first chapter of my own book for English so I get another chance to write an Orwellian dystopia about Trump. I’ll definitely post that…

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Nyan cat song


I was with my friend and I needed something to do,and I enjoyed the It’s raining tacos song itsrainingtacosfromoutofthesky…so anyway, today I’m (sorry for the hyperboles) NYANYANYA! This is brilliant!!!! 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛 while my overuses of eeeeeeeeemoji😄😄😄😄😄😄😄isn’t great.
see ya soon!!!!!!!

Karate Kid Review Collaboration (feat. My older brother)

This is a collaboration with my older brother Legendary Awesomeness, who runs the site Music and Movies
Legendary Randomness: So, what did you think about the movie?

Hoglet bloglet: I really enjoyed the fighting.

LR: Yeah, well, It is Karate Kid. If you didn’t like the fighting then you probably wouldn’t have watched it. Were there any parts that you didn’t like?

HB: Not really… besides the romance. I didn’t like those parts much. Were there any bits that you didn’t like?

LR: Nah, not really. I thought it was a great movie!

HB: There was one part that I really liked. WAX ON, WAX OFF, WAX ON, WAX OFF, WAX ON, WAX OFF.

LR: Anything else you thought about the movie?

HB: Not really.

LR: What would you give it out of ten?

HB: 9/10. Would be 10 but I didn’t like the kissing parts. What would you give it?

LR: A solid 9.5 because it’s so well done and is an absolute classic.

LR: Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

HB: See u people soon.

This post will also be on my brother’s blog if you want to check it out.

First blog post

Hello! This is a blog about different things, like reviews and useful things.

Also hedgehogs and lego.

I have just got a puppy. She is eleven weeks old and her name is Iris. Iris loves chasing things. She likes to run around in the park and meet other dogs, but she sometimes gets overexcited. Iris prefers chasing birds to squirrels. She is a whippet and she has a brindle coat and a white stripe on her nose.